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Shaolin Kung Fu

1500 years old medicine practice to learn

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For your human body restoration, health and strength


All Chinese Martial Arts originated from Shaolin

Being the single most outstanding representative of ancient Chinese martial arts culture, Shaolin Kungfu is very welcomed among people of many different cultures. It is a vivid legend in the history of the human being’s civilization. The Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Kungfu has already become the important spiritual asset of Chinese people and the precious cultural inheritance owned by all human beings.

Combination of Chan Buddhism with Martial Arts

The optima form of movement of the human body of Chinese martial arts, together with their spirit of harmony of the individual’s inner mind, harmony of man and society and harmony of man with nature, integrated with Chan Buddhism developed by Shaolin Temple where martial monks practicing Chan Buddhism search for the spiritual enlightenment. Shaolin Kungfu thus embraces Chan and martial arts on which its binary principles is based. Thereby Shaolin Kungfu, “the combination of Chan Buddhism and martial arts” becomes a witness to the dialog between different cultures and to the creativity of human beings.

Shaolin Kungfu refers to the traditional cultural system that has been formed in the particular Buddhist cultural environment in the Shaolin Temple of Mount Song over a long history. It is based on a belief that supernatural power of Buddhism fully reflects the wisdom of Chan Buddhism. The martial arts practiced by Kungfu monks in the Shaolin Temple are its major form of expression. The soul of Shaolin Kungfu is rooted in the wisdom of Chan Buddhism. Chan Buddhism is replete with a thorough understanding of life as interpreted by Oriental wisdom.

Shaolin Kungfu is one of the ways that monks in the Shaolin Temple study the Chan Buddhism. The combination of Chan Buddhism with a unique system of martial arts has become the chief characteristics of Shaolin Kungfu and as such the adoption and practice of this strict belief system is what especially makes the monks of the temple as “Shaolin” monks who regard their personal perfection in this system as their ideal and lifelong goal. Fully understanding life with no fear in their hearts, they have continually demonstrated great wisdom and courage.

System of Inheritance

The Inheritance of Shaolin Kungfu is carried out strictly through transmission from the masters to the disciples. The patriarchal clan system of the Shaolin Temple was established in the 13th century when Master Fuyu, Leader of the Caodong Sect, led the Temple. Master Fuyu set down the naming system for passing down Shaolin Kungfu for 70 generations. At present, the monks in the Shaolin Temple still follow the naming system of Master Fuyu of the 13th century. In nearly 800 years, there have already been more than 30 generations, and the representatives of the current generations have in their surnames the characters of “Su”, “De”, “Xing”, “Yong”, “Yan”, and “Heng”.

In history, the recognition of new masters of Shaolin Kungfu was based on the Chan Buddhism system of inheritance. Only when the masters have acknowledged that the disciples have reached a certain level in their Buddhist practice and Kungfu skills can these disciples become the inheritors and acknowledged masters or priests of Chan Buddhism.

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