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This section contains the following:

The pricing below pertains to regular membership only. Disciples are provided with more opportunities as it is a more serious commitment for the student and for the Ven. Abbot. hence the pricing varies. If you are interested in becoming a disciple please watch the discipleship video and read more about the program in this section.

The Ven. Abbot Shi Yan Fan training comes directly from the Shaolin temple of China in the Henan province. He has trained for decades and learned many secrets he is now willing to share with people dedicated, committed and willing to become superhumans (the notion of being superhuman varies from person to person however the Ven. Abbot Shi Yan Fan will undoubtedly guide you towards the path of invincibility more suitable for your person, if you trust and believe, anything is possible.)

Important Note: If you are an instructor (martial arts, fitness, trainer, etc.) interested in learning Shaolin, please call or email to make a private appointment to speak with the Disciples. Failing to reveal the intention to train others with your learnings here at the Shaolin Temple Los Angeles, will result in Penalities for sharing the Ven. Abbot knowledge without his approval. We respect your person so we please ask of you to respect the Shaolin traditions and culture.




Qi Gong / Tai Chi (Internal Medicine)

Consist of Breathing, stretching, fundamental SHAOLIN QI GONG to increase body's vital energy.
More about Qi Gong in this blog

Martial arts - Kung Fu (External Medicine)

Consist of conditioning-warm ups exercises, stretching, drills, basic animal forms, 18 bodyguard movements (if you are a disciple, 5 if you are a regular member) and ancient Shaolin forms.
More about Kungfu in this blog


After you commit for 3 Years (you have a diploma for graduating for 3 years). You are advised to spend 5hours to 8hrs a day training. The Ven. Abbot becomes the Son of Shaolin, Shaolin is in his heart, and you are his disciple. You become a warrior disciple (not ordained hence you have the freedom to do what you want while still living the Shaolin way of life and being part of the Shaolin community (Sangha).
Difference between a Shaolin warrior Monk (living in the Monastery while learning the Shaolin martial art). A Shaolin Warrior is a fighter, a warrior is not required to live the Monastic life.
The gate to discipleship has been closed to the western for a long time. The Ven. Abbot Shi Yan Fan open those gates to bring all culture together.

  • The 1st year, you see you hear you feel
  • The 2nd year, you learn to control, balance and flexibility.
  • The 3rd year, you conquer the power, speed and agility

Note: The secrets of Shaolin art is traditionally transmitted to disciples of a Shaolin Temple. The philisophy, the forms, the ancient movements, internal medicine, the community wisdom and more will be shared to you and only you to preserve the Shaolin Culture. It is an immense priviledged to be accepted as a disciple of the Shaolin Temple Los Angeles, opening ancient and secrets doors to enlightenment both in the mind and in the body.

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*The results may vary per individual. We recommend to seriously commit, believe and constantly practice to reap the benefits of all practices you choose to enroll in. To graduate you will need to spend many hours with The Abbot. How much you learn depends on how much time you spent training your body and mind. The more you train, the more value you get out of the practices, be it Qi Gong/ Tai Chi, Meditation or martial arts.

3 Months Commitment

  • You are gaining Calm, Peace, Less stress and learning the importance of discipline
  • You think less and your mind is clearer
  • You start release stress and anxiety
  • You have an improved blood flow
  • You learn how to breathe better being aware of your Dan tian, in the lower belly, hence increasing your vitality
  • Like any other new physical routine, you may feel tired and your body may respond differently than your current state but this means it is changing and the conditioning is working effectively.
  • Better sleep

12 months of the year of consistent training

  • The obvious benefits of the practice is Weight Loss
  • You build tremendous endurance
  • You become more patient with yourself and others
  • You become less and less sick
  • You gain resistence

24 months of the year of consistent training

  • You loose more weight
  • You develop even greater bpdy resistence
  • Muscles are strengthening
  • Improved flexibility
  • You gain resistence
  • Stronger immune system
  • Vitality has increased yet again

36 months of the year of consistent training

  • You gain a Deeper understanding of your body as a whole
  • You witness obvious physical changes, with posture, muscle definition, flexibility
  • Stability of the mind and spirit
  • Your organs starts to regenerate
  • Your lymphatic system is being drained
  • Your blood circulation has improved
  • Calm, peace and discipline integrated in your everyday life


  • Tops - Loose fitting t-shirt
  • Bottoms - Loose fitting athletic pants or sweatpants
  • Shoes - Comfortable athletic shoes
** NO tank tops, sleeveless shirts, low-cut shirts, shorts, skirts, sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet. The latter will impede on your training.
** NO weapon. There are only 18 sacred Shaolin weapons allowed in the Temple by the Ven. Abbot. The Temple is a sacred place of worship, added to that, we respect the comfort of the members.


When you are born into this world you are clean you are pure. We learn then learn patterns of thoughts and assumptions through habits and they become part of our nature but it is not our nature. So to access your higher self, you have to unlearn everything that causes the mind to become cluttered.
Shaolin Médecine: it is more than just solving the problem it’s about growing up like a tree. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the branches. Shaolin Medeciine regenerate your body to the ultimate state FAST with exercise, with internal soft movement, with Qi Gong. Shaolin is a way of life.

Benefits of private sessions

  • You learn to be a better person
  • You become more balance
  • Better sleep
  • You are connected to higher self
  • You learn to stay, appreciate and value the present moment
  • You can apply your conversation with the Ven. Abbot through practical action
  • Like any other new physical routine, you may feel tired and your body may respond differently than your current state but this means it is changing and the conditioning is working effectively.

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