Kung Fu

80% of the physical training is Shaolin conditioning and drills. Once the body is conditioned well enough with adequate endurance, flexibility, agility, etc. The conditioning drills and movements will then be used to learn the advance forms and weapons routines. Advanced students of all ages have the option of training to become part of the Yanfan Shaolin Performance team. 


Iron Body Training (Conditioning)

Immerse yourself into traditional Iron body conditioning under the supervision of Venerable Master Shi Yanfan

Qi Gong - Iron Body Training (Advanced Level)

Iron Body Qi Gong is the practice of strengthening the internal & external body. Practitioners of Iron Body Qi Gong learn how to withstand and control pain through physical conditioning and mindful meditation.

The demonstrations above are performed by experienced martial artists. These demonstrations are extremely dangerous and could cause severe injuries or even death. Please DO NOT attempt any of these demonstrations without proper training and supervision.

Everyday from 11:00-12:00PM

Shaolin Kung Fu + Martial Arts in Sherman Oaks in Sherman Oaks

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