The History Channel

In Search Of: S1 E2 Superhumans

Aired on: July 27, 2018

Password: insearchofS1E2

National Geographic Channel

None of the Above - “Defying Gravity”

Episode aired: Monday April 28, 2014

With Host - TIM SHAW - Tim's first challenge involves a seemingly impossible task how to burst a balloon behind a pane of glass without completely shattering the glass itself.

With Special Guest - Venerable Abbot Shi Yanfan

Shaolin Temple Los Angeles, United States

Shifu Shi Yan Fan Ordainment at Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Tea Ceremony

For the first time the ancient ceremony in the Shaolin monasteries.Tea is a means which keeps attention and concentration alive. It helps the spirit purifying in harmony with nature: it's about a trip getting to the root of a very ancient practice completing the very ancient techniques of martial arts through the philosophy of life.


Shaolin Tea Ceremony

Shaolin Temple Los Angeles (2018)

The 2018 Promotional Video for Shaolin Temple Los Angeles.

Directed by Shi Heng Chuang (Tom Edwards)

Cinematography by Andy Chinn 

Choreography by Shi Heng Bu (Thomas Testini) 

Music by (Ender Guney) NCM

Delta Star Pictures

Shi Yan Fan (Abbot of Los Angeles Shaolin Temple) - the first Western Monk receiving Jieba 结巴 at Shaolin Temple in Henan China

Shaolin Discipleship Ceremony

Take a glimpse into the traditional Discipleship Ceremony and interviews with two of Master Shi Yanfan's disciples. 

Kids Shaolin Training

Check out some clips of our Shaolin children training basic gymnastics and movements. Children gain a strong foundation through effective strength and body mechanic training. 

Shi Yan Ao of Shaolin Temple in Songshan

"We have witnessed the magic of Shaolin Gong Fu, that is the power of time" - Shi Yan Ao

Opening Ceremony at the 1st Shaolin Summit

Saturday, May 21, 2011: Opening Ceremony at the 1st Shaolin Summit at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The Shaolin monks gathered and opened the Summit with a Buddhist Chant, overseen by Abbot Shi Yongxin.  Their chant serves as a soundtrack for a montage of highlights of the day.

Shaolin Wheel of Life

GREAT PERFORMANCES presents an exciting theatrical performance featuring the ordained Soldier Monks of the Shaolin Temple. With music, lighting, and a stage set evoking the ancient East, SHAOLIN: WHEEL OF LIFE tells the story of the monks' early struggle to establish and protect their temple in a performance that celebrates their history, religion, and tremendous physical and mental skills. 

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